features of pestudio

pestudio pestudio-pro
free 99€ per user per year
download instructions
Only for personal use. For people who want to try out pestudio or occasionally check an executable file. For enterprises that need extended static malware analysis and batch processing capability.
Detect file signature
Detect hardcoded URLs and IP addresses
Blacklist languages of resources
Detect hardcoded URLs and IP addresses
Dump PKCS7 of certificate
Detect hardcoded URLs and IP addresses
URL links to google on hash, impash
Map strings hint to their friendly names
Classify imported functions by groups, colors and names
Create XML report file
Online score of overlay
Use pestudio in batch mode with pestudiox.exe

A full list of the features of pestudio vs. pestudio-pro is available here


Payment can be made using two different methods:

  1. PayPal: paypal.me/winitor
  2. Bank transfer
    IBAN: DE42 1001 1001 2620 3346 51
    Owner: Marc Ochsenmeier

Please contact us for discounts on licence bundles or longer licensing periods.

More details about the payment methods and licenses types are availabe in following PDF file.


Once a payment is done, your (password protected) ZIP package of pestudio pro will be uploaded on a server. The URL to download your ZIP package as well as the password to unzip your ZIP package will be sent per email to the address provided in the payment.


Winitor takes no responsibility for the usage of pestudio and pestudio pro. No support is provided.